DID YOU KNOW…? – No.17 Coal formation began 360 million to 290 million years ago. Around 70 countries have recoverable coal reserves, including the New South Wales coalfields in Australia. The major coal resources in New South Wales are located in the 500 km long, 150 km wide Sydney-Gunnedah Basin. Engenium's Newcastle office is conveniently located close to the five major coalfields within this Basin – Hunter, Newcastle, Southern, Western and Gunnedah. Our Newcastle office has worked on a number of coal projects in the region for clients such as Whitehaven Coal, Bloomfield Collieries Pty Ltd., BlueScope Steel and Centennial Coal For more information, or an informal chat about your next coal project, contact Heath Baker in our Newcastle office. To find out more about the projects Engenium has worked on visit our website https://lnkd.in/f765WSa #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #MiningEngineers #CoalMining #NSWCoalfields #HunterCoalfield #NewcastleCoalfield #SouthernCoalfield #WesternCoalfield #GunnedahCoalfield

DID YOU KNOW...? NO.16 Imhotep was an Egyptian chancellor of the Pharaoh Djoser and the earliest known civil engineer credited with the design of the Pyramid of Djoser, a step pyramid at Saqqara in Egypt. Like the Egyptians who were experts at building pyramids in remote environments, Engenium has significant experience in civil engineering in remote areas such as the Pilbara region of Western Australia. We can assist with your civil project requirements from design through to construction. Our civil team’s capability includes bulk earthworks, haul and access roads, main road intersections, railways, stormwater drainage, sediment ponds and storage facilities. Our understanding of civil operations and cost structures enables us to deliver solutions that not only reduce capital costs, but also ongoing operations and maintenance. For more information visit https://lnkd.in/fuZ6sQV Or contact Steve Evans  for an informal chat about your civil engineering requirements. #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #MiningEngineers #Pilbara #CivilEngineering

DID YOU KNOW…? – No.15 The Port of Dampier is the world’s second largest bulk export port – with almost 81% of its export tonnage being iron ore. Engenium's Dampier office is conveniently located close to the Port of Dampier and within the iron ore rich Pilbara region and oil and gas fields land bases of Western Australia. Our Dampier team currently provide project engineering, design, fabrication, procurement and construction support for land side infrastructure supporting these port facilities. This includes inflow logistics such as pipelines, conveyor, road or rail and all port outflow machines and materials handling infrastructure. Over the past 15 years Engenium has been fortunate enough to have been involved with all major port authorities in WA, across various commodities, and provide logistics and port solutions to our junior, mid-tier and blue-chip resource clients.  To discuss your port infrastructure and export options please contact Jamie Armstrong in our Dampier office on 0408 218 031. For more information visit https://lnkd.in/fQwqu7u #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #MiningEngineers #Pilbara #PortInfrastructure #MaterialsHandling

DID YOU KNOW…? – No.14 The Gantt chart, developed during 1910-1915 was used on the Hoover Dam and by the US military during World War One to assist in project planning. It provides a visual illustration of a project schedule and historically had to be redrawn by hand to adjust for any schedule changes. Engenium started out as a Project Management consultancy and has added Engineering Services over the years as part of our drive to add value to our clients. Our Project Management philosophy has not changed since our inception and that is why Engenium has become known for delivering the best project solution for our clients, as opposed to simply developing the best Technical Engineering solution. Engenium has developed our own Project Management System we call “Catalyst” using cloud based technology for our project managers and clients irrespective of whether they are in the field, in the office or in transit. For more information about how Engenium can help you plan your project from the idea/order of magnitude phase through to commissioning, contact Jens Radanovic. #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #MiningEngineers #ProjectDelivery #ProjectManagement #AwesomeEngineering

DID YOU KNOW…? – No.13 Thanks to 3D printing, NASA can basically ‘email’ tools to astronauts. Getting new equipment to the Space Station used to take months or years, but the new technology means the tools are ready within hours. Engenium engineering team uses intelligent 3D design tools to speed up the modelling of complex plant design and increase project team collaboration. Using the latest technology we can help you to bypass the traditional ways of doing things, finding better project solutions to address your business needs. Contact Chris Senior or Gareth Blakey to discuss the awesome engineering we have completed in the past and how we can assist you with Intelligent Engineering Design and Smart Project Delivery thinking. #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #MiningEngineers #ProjectDelivery #EngineeringDesign #AwesomeEngineering

Well done to our awesome Managing Director, Wayne Peel, for becoming one of 10 WA-based finalists in EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year™.  Follow the link to find out more: https://lnkd.in/fu4cfb3 #WeAreAwesome #EOY #Engenium #WesternAustralia #Mining #Engineering #Entrepreneur #Perth

DID YOU KNOW…? – No.12 The Eiffel Tower varies in height by around 15 cm throughout the year, depending on the temperature. At Engenium the impact of heat in steel and other materials is a serious consideration in our Engineering design process. Not only do materials expand and contract due to thermal expansion, their strength is also impacted. This is extremely important in Australia’s hot and arid environments, such as the Pilbara and outback Australia. Fortunately, our structural engineering team have deep experience in this area. Our chartered engineers are committed to staying at the forefront of structural engineering, using the latest modelling and smart technology to give our clients the right result. We ensure our professional engineering services are completed using the latest innovation, software and quality management systems. For more information about our structural engineering services follow this link: https://lnkd.in/fyzb-3S #DidYouKnow #Engineering #Engenium #Mining #Engineers #StructuralEngineering #MiningEngineers #StructuralEngineers #ProjectDelivery #EngineeringDesign

Engenium Senior Project Engineer, Kimbra Bridges, recently had a quick chat with Engineers Australia about her work at Engenium and her career in Engineering. Follow the link to read the full article on the Engineers Australia website. A big thank you to Susan Kreemer Pickford for organising this. https://lnkd.in/fZ9nqWm #engineers #engineering #mining #miningengineering #engenium

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