Our Values

At Engenium we believe the key to successful project delivery is:


Strong and effective leadership is crucial to achieving our vision.


Our people work cooperatively and productively with others to achieve results.


To meet the needs of all we believe in communicating effectively ensuring messages are clearly conveyed and received.


We strive to understand which results are important and we focus our efforts and resources on achieving those results.

Decision Making

We use effective approaches for undertaking decisions, choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions.


We maintain in our approach and attitude an ability to adapt to, and work effectively in, a variety of situations to achieve our results.


We understand the importance of building and maintaining effective relationships with others who are involved in achieving our results and ultimately, our vision.

Continuous Improvement

We aim to be innovative where it adds tangible value and we look beyond the obvious for solutions that may better meet your needs.

Health, Safety, Environment and Community - HSEC

We are committed to managing our workplace in a safe manner, free from incidents, injuries and illness. We will ensure that environmental impacts directly or indirectly related to Engenium are minimised. To achieve HSEC principles we operate in an open and transparent way.