Greenfield Mine Development - Engenium

Greenfield Mine Development



"Engenium have taken emerging producers from
project concept through to production"


Engenium have the practical experience, industry knowledge and relationships to assess, select, define and implement a practical and realistic project development business case.  As a result Engenium have an excellent reputation in the industry for Hematite DSO, Magnetite, Manganese and Mineral Sands projects.


Feasibility Studies - Increasing Asset Value

We do not measure success by undertaking a Study in isolation, but are focused on taking the Project into execution. This unique Study Management Philosophy ensures that we are assessing, selecting and defining the most economic and practical options to deliver a project into production.

Subsequently, our Clients have been able to:

  • Significantly increase the value of their resource assets
  • Identify the quickest and most cost effective means to get into production
  • Successfully negotiate off-take agreements and supplier contracts
  • Raise additional finance


Fast Track into Production

Through our holistic understanding of the metallurgy, mining, processing, product transport, port logistics, supporting infrastructure and government approvals issues, Engenium have assisted emerging producers fast track projects into production. 

In developing these solution, our Clients have been able to:

  • Save feasibility study costs
  • Fast track project and government approvals
  • Achieve the transition from explorer to producer quickly
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Generate new cash flow from their new production asset
  • Demonstrate a project development track record
  • Finance larger projects

Our Mine Development experience includes:

  • Iron Ore – Magnetite projects
  • Iron Ore – DSO projects
  • Mineral Sands projects
  • Gold projects
  • Manganese Projects