We are proud to announce Engenium has won an award for Innovation at the Engineers Australia WA Engineering Excellence Awards on Saturday night. The award was for the innovation our Pilbara team demonstrated when designing and constructing the Axle Replacement Inline (ARI) Unit for a client back in 2015.

Our talented engineers Matthew Ainsbury and Damian Pianta, who are located out of our offices in Karratha, were the brains behind the invention. Both of them deserve this win for not only conceiving this idea, but successfully pitching it to the clients and executing the idea flawlessly.

The idea for the ARI Unit was born from the need to develop a safe, time efficient and capital effective system to change rail axles without needing to separate the wagons. The unit changes wagon axles in 14% of the time it previously took. This represents a massive leap forward for heavy haul rail operators, helping them to save precious time and money getting cargo to port.

 “Anyone can come up with a great idea, however the successful ones are those who execute and deliver the end result. Matt and Damian deserve full credit for this award. They have truly demonstrated practical innovation in the field of Engineering,” said Wayne Peel, Managing Director of Engenium.

“The ARI system has been operating successfully in the Pilbara since January 2016 and the operators state that the product is easy to use and has delivered immediate safety and production improvements for axle change outs,” he added.

Engenium were up against some pretty stiff competition, managing to beat the likes of Arup with their entry for the Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge, as well as companies such as Airey Taylor Consulting, InnovAero, KCGM and the Water Corporation.

For more information on Engenium’s Innovative Technological Solutions offering, including the ARI Unit project profile, please click here.