Contract and Procurement

A Contract and Procurement Strategy Aligned With Your Projects Objectives

Effective contract and procurement services are underpinned by a series of structured procedures and processes. This helps to facilitate efficient execution to support you as the customer, and the suppliers of contract goods and services, so that work is delivered for the benefit of all parties concerned.

A well-crafted and appropriately structured contracting and procurement strategy should be aligned with your projects objectives [charter] and the capabilities of your project team. This maximises the potential for work to be compatible with the competencies of those performing the work – both in terms of capability and capacity.

Our role in delivering Contract and Procurement Services can be provided to you through a variety of mechanisms, such as:

  • Definition and documentation of the contracting and procurement strategy
  • Identification of contractors, suppliers and service providers compatible with the packages defined in the contract and procurement strategy
  • Development of a contracting and procurement system framework including model documents, systems and processes
  • Provision of turnkey services where Engenium manages the full contract and procurement function on your behalf including expediting, quality assurance and quality control
  • A hybrid model incorporating relevant elements of our systems and processes to integrate with your own systems and associated capabilities.

Regardless of how you choose to leverage our expertise, we will work with you to tailor a solution that best suits your requirements and optimises outcomes for your project and operational assets. We approach this with the underlying philosophy that a draconian approach to engaging with and managing your contractors, suppliers and service providers will not result in the best outcome. We would rather focus on an engagement process that facilitates cooperation between all parties and plays to the strengths of those performing the work.

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