Project Development

Guideing You Through The Project Development Process With Confidence

Engenium fully appreciates the importance of establishing a business case to decide whether to proceed with a project, whether in part, whole or just to the next level of definition or development. 

This applies to smaller operational projects as well as multi-million dollar greenfield development projects.

An effective business case requires a robust rules-based development framework to ensure all contributing factors are identified, quantified, risk assessed and analysed to underpin effective decision making.

The key elements of a business case includes:

  • A description of the strategic need for the project
  • Options identification and analysis, including decision making processes for traceability purposes
  • Expected benefits and associated timeline
  • Costs
  • Return on investment metrics
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Risks that could materially impact the business case, including any assumptions.

Our Project Development Services are based on best practice governance framework.  Our framework requires a project to be progressively moved through a series of development approval gates, each providing an increasing level of definition, cost accuracy and commercial confidence to support your decision making processes.

Engenium can help you navigate what is arguably the most important part of a potential project and where the right approach can save significant costs or make significant returns. 

Our structured approach will ensure that objectivity is maintained and the project decision making framework is based upon agreed business criteria and constraints.

We can guide you through the project development process as a fully integrated service, or we can review the work undertaken by others to ensure it is both optimal and complete in all respects.

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