Project Due Diligence

Due Diligence Reports to Support Your Decision Making Process

Engenium is here to assist you in your project decision-making process and to ensure that you are fully informed without bias.

Our Due Diligence Services encompass a range of functions and scenarios, including:

  • Project wide due diligence to assess the full socio-economic merit of a project (i.e. a peer review or a project feasibility study)
  • Technical due diligence of a specific area of a project (i.e. logistics solutions or a process flowsheet)
  • Financial due diligence and commercial viability (i.e. CAPEX and OPEX, financial models and associated assumptions)
  • An independent assessment of the risk profile and associated elements of a project
  • Ensuring that your project meets industry standards to satisfy the requirements of project financiers, for example through the lifecycle of feasibility studies.

You can use our Due Diligence Advisory Services to support decision making on internal projects and operational decisions, or any potential project acquisitions and financial commitments to invest.

Our Due Diligence Services are used by the project financing and equity community such as private investment funds and the banking sector, as well companies operating directly in the mining resources sector such as explorers, developers and operators.

Engenium’s technical expertise and broad project experience enables us to look at the facts at hand and draw on past case studies to facilitate a pragmatic approach to the work we undertake, providing you with a well-balanced assessment.

Most importantly, Engenium recognises the importance of impartiality in the provision of our Due Diligence Services and the need for you to have confidence in the objectivity of our advice.  This recognition is instilled in the processes we adopt so that you get the best possible information to make appropriate and informed decisions.

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