Project Management Office

Project Management Office: The Backbone for Project Decision Support

A Project Management Office (PMO) defines the standards for the company’s project management approach and puts a framework in place to best manage a portfolio of projects and facilitate a standardised and repeatable project delivery model. 

A mature PMO will provide the backbone for ‘project decision support’ through the principles of governance, transparency, repeatability and requisite traceability.  Ultimately a PMO will provide a reliable framework and range of tools to underpin consistent portfolio and project delivery.

Our PMO Advisory Services cover a range of functions, including:

  • PMO framework development
  • Portfolio strategy and planning
  • PMO standards and procedural development
  • Project approval governance and stage gating
  • Project management and control standards
  • Portfolio and project reporting
  • Portfolio risk management
  • PMO portfolio/project management systems
  • PMO managed services and personnel support.

Engenium provides a full PMO service and can provide customised PMO functions to compliment your existing Project Management framework.

Regardless of how you engage with Engenium, we will work with you to ensure you get a level of engagement appropriate for your requirements.  Organisation change management is strategically important to a successful PMO and Engenium will work closely with you to maximise uptake and engagement with all relevant people within your business.

Whilst recognising the importance of a standardised project management framework, Engenium also understands that every project and business has its own unique requirements. We will work with you to provide a personalised solution tailored to your specific needs to ensure you get an outcome that is right for you.