Risk Management

Risk Managment: Preparing You For The Unexpected

Your business and your portfolio pf projects operates constantly in an environment of uncertainty.  Political, economic, social, legislative or technological change can impact your business and your projects success.

Risk Management provides the focus for your business and your projects to be prepared for potential events that can have significant impact.  

Whether adapting to a global crisis, minor industry change or project planning, proactive companies with a mature approach to Risk Management are more prepared than others.  

The Risk Management plans implemented  are designed to identify and mitigate the key business and project risks and place the company in a state of readiness should these events occur.

A well-managed Risk Management plan for your project will have you as prepared as possible to manage the uncertainty that your project operates within. This includes mitigating outcomes from negative occurrences, but also being well placed to take advantage of positive occurrences that impact your project, including:

  • Health and Safety outcomes
  • Financial outcomes
  • Community outrage
  • Environmental concerns
  • Sovereign risk
  • Government and regulatory requirements
  • Technology
  • Supply chains
  • Project dependencies
  • Project assumptions.

Our role is to assist your business in developing Risk Management plans and tangible actions that provide cost effective and targeted contingency plans to protect or enhance your business, or your projects viability from unplanned events.

We have trained Risk Management experts with significant, project management, financial and industry experience that will sit and discuss your specific risk requirements.

We can assist you to plan and facilitate Risk Management Workshops, with the key outcome being to implement your action plan, in order to prepare your business or project for operating in an uncertain, ever changing and risky global environment. These include:

  • Project risk management
  • Business risk management
  • Hazids
  • Hazops
  • Safety in Design reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Taxonomy of risks.

Let us walk you through the process of Risk Management and put your business in a position to manage project and business uncertainty in accordance with company governance requirements.

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