Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers to the Resource and Industrial Infrastructure Sectors

Engenium’s expert team of Structural Engineers provide Consultation, Design, Construction and Rehabilitation of projects in the mining, resource and industrial infrastructure sectors.  
At Engenium we will work as a team and objectively look at a structure to ensure it is strong enough to withstand natural forces and loads imposed by nature. We will carry out strength calculations and prepare drawings to ensure your project is structurally sound and will stand the test of time.
Our services cover everything from platforms, walkways and support structures for machinery and pipes to large storage bins, silos, conveyors and towers.
Engenium’s Structural Engineers have worked on projects such as:
  • Remote camps and expansions to working camps
  • Workshops, warehouses and maintenance facilities
  • Administration and EPCM office facilities
  • Security gatehouses and facilities
  • Remote airports and facilities
  • Port land-side infrastructure
  • Concrete and steel structures
  • Ammonium nitrate facilities
  • Fuel storage and distribution facilities

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