We are delighted to announce that not one, but two, of Engenium’s valued staff members have been appointed to the Engineers Australia Division Committee in their region – one in NSW and one in WA.

Paul Young (right), our Perth based Project Manager has been successfully appointed to the WA Division Committee commencing next year and carries a wealth of experience and ongoing dedication to not only his role at Engenium but his own personal development – something that we are keen to encourage from all our staff members.

Leon Fabrikanov (left), our Newcastle based Project Manager has been actively involved in Engineers Australia for some time and chair for the Engineers Australia College of Leadership and Management.

This is an excellent achievement and something we are very proud to see. We may have hoped for one team member to join the committee, but not two. To have a presence on the committee in both the locations where Engenium has an office is good indication of the professionalism and the credibility of our leaders, and a positive boost to the Engenium brand. 

As ongoing supporters and sponsors of Engineers Australia we enjoy working closely with this extremely important industry body. The Engineering profession helps to shape the future and the lives of everyone who live in Australia and around the world. 

It’s important to us that we are doing everything we can to raise the profile of our profession and our impact on society, representing engineers both young and old. 

We hope all our friends and valued clients take this opportunity to reach out to both Paul Young and Leon Fabrikanov to represent them through their positions on the Board.

We wish them both well in their new appointment.