It was another busy month of recruiting for Engenium with 27 new recruits joining the team in Perth, Newcastle and the Pilbara in September.

In addition to the new starters above, we would also like to welcome:

  • Mary Aslanova, Junior Mechanical Designer - Perth WA
  • Callum Arnold, Junior SMP Designer - Perth WA
  • Tim Blagojevic, Undergraduate Electrical Engineer - Perth WA
  • Alberto Fisher, Junior SMP Designer - Perth WA
  • Tao Guo, Structural Designer - Perth WA
  • Joshua Horton, SMP Designer - Perth WA
  • Seb Levy, Junior SMP Designer - Perth WA
  • James Lewis, Electrical Designer - Perth WA
  • Sam Money, Graduate Project Manager – Project Delivery, Pilbara WA
  • Jane Musgrave, Administrator - Newcastle NSW
  • Patrick Ogden, Project Engineer – Project Delivery, Pilbara WA
  • Hasula Poogoda, Graduate Mechanical Engineer - Perth WA
  • Sharon Ralph, Cost Controller - Perth WA
  • Sean Ramsay, Junior Electrical Designer - Perth WA
  • Kylie-Anne Ranson, Accounts Assistant - Perth WA
  • Delma Sweeney, Administrator - Perth WA
  • Adrian Szentessy, Senior SMP Designer - Perth WA
  • Uwe Zahradnik, Maintenance Planner - Project Delivery, Pilbara WA
  • James Zheng, Structural Engineer - Perth WA

Feel free to get in touch with any of our new starters if you require some assistance, or would like to chat about your project requirements.