Peter Wells, a Principal Engineer from our Newcastle Office, has been elected to a second two year term on the Mechanical College Board of Engineers Australia (EA). 

The largest professional body in Australia, EA has around 100,000 members.  The Mechanical College is one of nine colleges covering engineering practice within Australia, operating under the direction of the board of EA.  It aims to be the home of Mechanical Engineering within Australia.

Peter, who is a Chartered Professional Engineer, and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland, has a long history of volunteering with EA. 

”I am delighted to be elected for a second two year term,” said Peter.

“As professional engineers, we have been given the opportunity for interesting and meaningful careers and as such we have a responsibility to give back.   

We are part of a global community facing many challenges, headlined by climate change, and engineers have an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for our children. 

This is no easy task, and as we move toward a regulated professional system in many states, it seems likely a national system will follow, in which case Engineers Australia will need to become the body which leads an agile and clever group of professionals.”  He added.

We would like to congratulate Peter for being elected again and thank him for taking the time to volunteer with EA. This is a great way to get the Engenium company name out there and to ensure that the knowledge we share as engineers is used in a way that helps others.  Good work Peter!