Engenium are proud to be able to support the next generation of engineers, by ensuring we employ Undergraduates as part of our recruitment process. Rhys Fulwood, Engenium’s Newcastle office Undergraduate who has been with us for 10 months, has something to celebrate having just graduated in Civil and Structural Engineering.

When asked why he chose Civil and Structural as an Engineering discipline, Rhys said “I am not sure where my interest in Civil and Structural Engineering began. I remember watching Megastructures on TV and something about knowing how to design a building or a bridge was always interesting to me.  Especially when it was a very unique structure that required out of the box thinking to finish the design.”

Rhys grew up on a farm and this meant coming up with solutions to problems that arose as his family couldn’t always afford to get a professional in. Rhys believed this sparked his interest in engineering during the early days of childhood.

“Engineers are problem solvers, regardless of what discipline you find yourself in,” say’s Rhys. “For as long as I can remember I enjoyed pulling things apart and fixing things, learning how they worked.”

Now that he has graduated Rhys plans to continue working for Engenium in Newcastle to gain more experience before making any further career plans.

“I suppose my main goal is to keep learning and experiencing all that the engineering profession has to offer.” He said. “I’m still young and very much in the initial learning phase of my career.”

Well done Rhys Fulwood for graduating in both Civil and Structural Engineering disciplines. You will make an exceptional Engineer and we are delighted to have you on the Newcastle team.