Brisbane based ASX listed junior mining company Pursuit Minerals, has asked Engenium to assist with metallurgical testwork management on their Finnish and Swedish vanadium deposits to ascertain whether better mass recoveries are possible.

Providing junior mining companies with metallurgical and engineering expertise, or their management teams with specialist advice, are just some of the service offerings provided by Engenium.

The new Engenium Brisbane office is assisting Pursuit Minerals with increased vanadium recovery from the Swedish and Finnish vanado-magnetite deposits. Whilst the work is on-going, tests suggested by Engenium resulted in improved recovery of vanadium from both deposits. These are available to view here in Pursuit Minerals 9 April 2019 ASX Announcement titled ‘Vanadium Magnetite Mass Recoveries Dramatically Increased on the Koitelainen and Airijoki Projects’.

Engenium is active in the battery metals space, including processing of vanadium resources and has several customers with assets globally in this exciting area. We employ recognised experts in metallurgical testing and processing. Our process engineers can help you understand the metallurgy and mineral processing characteristics of your resource.

Engenium can manage and coordinate the test program with the metallurgical testing laboratories, interpret the results and deliverer a metallurgical summary report to you. This key step is essential to developing a process flow sheet that is practical, cost effective and delivers maximum financial benefit for your project.