Pictured: David Sourbutts, Director of Engenium, taking Engenium’s first batch of plastic waste to Greenbatch

You may recall reading our recent article Greenbatch: Fighting The War On Plastic Pollution One Reprocessing Plant At A Time, which highlighted that Western Australia currently has zero plastic reprocessing facilities, with a large portion of our used plastic being shipped overseas to Malaysia.

Greenbatch founder Darren Lomman is currently working on changing this with the help of Engenium’s Director, David Sourbutts. The plan is to establish a network of reprocessing plants across Australia so we can aim to reprocess all of our waste plastic and put it back into the system to use again.

Whilst the reprocessing plants are still a little way off being established, Greenbatch do have another recycling initiative in place. Greenbatch Foundation recycles old plastic, repurposing them into 3D printer filament for schools.

Engenium has recently installed a Greenbatch bin in our offices to collect all our PET and HDPE plastic as well as aluminium cans. Once full, it is taken to Greenbatch’s plastic facility in Mount Claremont on the public drop-off days - the first Saturday of the month from 11 am to 2 pm.

We encourage everyone to be more plastic waste aware. So why not collect your plastic waste and bring it to one of the public drop off days? You can guarantee your plastic will be recycled appropriately and not shipped overseas at the taxpayers’ expense.

Engenium is excited to be a part of this highly important initiative. Further updates on the project’s progress will be provided over the coming months.