Yesterday we held our quarterly Engenium Insight Breakfast Briefing at our Perth Head Office and were lucky to have Peter Dyball from Pit Crew Management Consulting Services presenting to a room full of mining and resource professionals.

According to Peter, Western Australia’s major projects and labour market are on the move again. Peter forecasted the total demand for construction labour and engineering resources in WA is going to rise from 11,000 at the start of January 2019 to approximately 24,000 in January 2021.

Currently labour market trends show the post boom workforce are returning to their point of origin. Thanks to rapid market easing between 2013 and 2017, many locals in WA sought work on eastern states projects and people are still leaving WA.

There is currently an increasing level of activity and confidence in the WA project market. However, the increasing demand for construction labour and engineering resources is currently reliant on approvals. A high level of demand on eastern states projects is currently limiting availability to labour in Western Australia.

Peter noted the labour market challenges in Western Australia will come from the increase in future demand, which is reliant on project commitments. Sourcing a suitably qualified and experienced workforce will also be challenging as out of state resources will need to be sought and WA will be competing for labour with New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. This will mean a moderate shortage of most construction and engineering occupations.