Engenium’s Newcastle office provided the engineering design and documentation for the replacement of a process critical coal discharge chute at a power station in New South Wales.

The power station’s inspection and maintenance records showed recurring issues leading to unplanned and longer than expected outages. A major part of the scope of works was to improve the wear performance of the chutes and improve access for inspection and maintenance.

Engenium overcame a number of challenges in completing this project. Existing documentation and drawings of the plant and associated structure were inaccurate. Installation was complicated due to limited access and available time windows.

The work was further complicated by a multi-storey congested installation envelope to work within, for the removal of the existing chute and installation of the new replacement chute.

Engenium completed a point cloud survey of the area to accurately identify and locate all existing plant and structure, and successfully eliminated collisions with undocumented structures. Industry leading 3D laser scanning resulted in accurate, rapid and complete survey data, providing an extensive volumetric point cloud.

Once interpreted the point cloud provided the multi-storey installation envelope and the realisation of a clash-free model. This model was then used for virtual inspection and client acceptance before fabrication commenced.

The clash-free model enabled process flows to be calculated, determining which wear lining material was best for each locations abrasion and impact conditions. The model was also instrumental in communicating and determining the location of new and additional access points specifically designed to simplify maintenance activities, minimise manual handing and significantly reduce plant outages.

Download the project profile for more information about the Power Station Chute Replacement Project.

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