Phill Wade has been working with Engenium since the beginning of this year as an Engineering and Senior Study Manager for our Brisbane office. He is currently one of Engenium’s seconded professionals working at Whitehaven Coal, assisting them on a number of studies they have in various stages of development.

His role varies somewhat depending on what the business requires. Sometimes it’s managing Engineers, Designers, Consultants or Contractors - ensuring alignment and assisting with making key decisions. Other times it can revolve around presentations to key stakeholders, to keep them informed on the progress of a project and any issues associated with it, or writing reports to document the works and decisions made.

“My role can be anything from Senior Study Manager to Project Manager to Engineering Manager, whatever the business requires at the time.”

Phill considers his area of expertise to be around management of anything that has a major technical or engineering component. He enjoys bringing together the different aspects, in a logical and structured approach, into a solution that is not only technically sound but suits the needs of the business.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Engenium he was quick to say, “I enjoy the variety of work available and that Engenium is big enough to have the right procedures and support in place, but small enough to get things done”.

Since an early age Phill was always found tinkering with bikes, motorbikes and cars which led him towards an interest in mechanical engineering. Growing up in Yorkshire, England, where the main industries were steel making and coal mining, combined with the mechanical engineering interest provided a natural progression into ‘heavy industry’.

“Working in heavy industry and engineering was a family tradition. Dad was a Project Engineer in the steel industry and my Grandad was a fitter in the mining industry.”

Outside of work Phill likes to train dogs, previously competing in retrieving trials with a brace of Hungarian Vizla’s. "The aim of the trials are for the dogs to fetch the game, with retrieves being up to 150 metres from the start point, often involving the dogs having to swim across a dam or creek before being able find the game and bring it back to the start point."

Phill also likes to ride Motorbikes, something he has been doing since he was seven, “I even had a number of years racing classic bikes in England.”

To find out more about Phill Wade click here. Or contact our Brisbane office to chat to Phill Wade about your Study requirements.

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