Liesl Smithers has been with Engenium for more than 10 years, both as a Project Manager and in more recent years as our National HSEQ Manager. Working in both of these roles has enabled Liesl to gain a comprehensive understanding of all our processes - particularly those which are project and engineering related.

Her role is extremely busy and varied. It involves managing Engenium’s certifications against the ISO and OHS standards, Catalyst our Integrated Management System, and our continuous improvement processes. In addition, Liesl is also responsible for undertaking internal audits, monitoring and analysing the businesses KPI’s, facilitating the management of our risks and hazards, and delivering project management and document management training.

 “Working as both a Project Manager and an HSEQ Manager at Engenium has enabled me to understand how all our processes interact with each other and what will or won’t work in our system.”

As part of her role Liesl also assists our projects team with Quality Assurance activities including developing plans, auditing contractors and monitoring contractor non-conformances and corrective actions.

At school Liesl had a love of maths and science, which is what steered her towards an engineering degree. As well as a passion for maths and science, Liesl admits to having a natural aptitude for being structured and organised which is what ultimately led her to become a Project Manager.

Having a thorough knowledge of quality systems and seeing the value in continuous improvement, plus requiring more flexibility in her work arrangements, resulted in her transition to National HSEQ Manager in recent years.

“I like the culture and the people at Engenium. We all work together to achieve the required results and are able to do this and have fun at the same time.”

Outside of work Liesl loves to read and listen to audio books, often having two on the go at once. Liesl also loves spending time with her extended family and a number of crafting activities including patchwork, cross stitch and crochet.

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