Tom Hambley has been around the block a bit during his 30-year career as an engineer. Originally from England, but now living and working in Brisbane, Queensland, Tom has worked in many different countries including the United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Thailand and now Australia. 

As a Principal Civil/Structural Engineer in our Brisbane office, Tom leads and designs effective engineering projects for our clients in Queensland. When asked to talk about his role at Engenium, Tom says, “I get involved in all project stages from front end studies to detailed design, including brownfield sustaining capital works at mines, and gas facilities.”

“Engenium uses effective project management systems and 
software support that enables effective project delivery.”

Tom’s speciality, which he has developed over the last 30 years’, is to bring together the right skills and teams to solve project objectives. “I collaborate with stakeholders to design new assets and improve existing ones.”

Our Brisbane office has been firing on all cylinders with regards to winning some interesting and challenging work. Tom is currently working on designing stainless steel structures in corrosive and unusual locations such as offshore platforms and on top of huge mixing tanks. His next project will be reviewing and optimising contaminant catchment systems for a mine site in regional Queensland.

“When I’m not working, I spend my time with family in the garden, or cycle touring.”

Whilst a career in civil and structural engineering is not for everyone, Tom chose it to be able to create and design solutions that are useful to society, “I wanted to have a career of service of which I can be proud of”, he says.

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