Corey Francisco is one of our ‘Outsourced Professionals’ working at the Eraring Power Station in New South Wales. Corey started working for Engenium a few months ago and has established an exceptional rapport with the client during his time on secondment.

The project at Eraring Power Station involves major ground improvement, with civil works for ground stabilisation, service relocation and haul road construction. For the delivery of this project Corey has taken on the role of Ash Dam Supervisor, monitoring contractors’ quality and safety, and keeping the client informed of progress and likely interactions with generation operations.

“Outside of work I enjoy having beers with my mates, spending quality time with my wife and kids and occasionally getting away on my motorbike.”

Corey considers his area of speciality and expertise to be in Project Management, particularly delivering ground stabilisation and associated works. He has over 30 years’ experience in delivering civil, ground engineering and drill and blast projects across Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

When asked what inspired him to become a ground engineer Corey said, “My father was a quarry manager and shot firer, so I followed in his footsteps before taking a tangent and going into ground engineering. After spending most of my life extracting from the earth, I am now putting it back together.”

“My kids make me laugh. They have a great sense of humour.”

Corey was recently voted ‘Star of the Month’ by Heath Baker, Executive General Manager of New South Wales. The recent passing of a colleague at the client site led to Corey being requested to facilitate much more than his assigned role and deliverables. This request and trust from the client are testimony to Corey’s level of professionalism and inspirational integration into the site where he is based, as well as the project itself.

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