If you request a proposal or a tender from Engenium the chances are Sanjeev Sunnie, our Proposal Engineer in Perth, will be working on it.

As a Proposal Engineer, Sanjeev’s role involves working closely with both clients and colleagues. You will usually find him in front of three computer screens displaying estimates, schedules, drawings and scope of works – so he is pretty good at multi-tasking.

“I constantly ask questions so I can be as efficient and effective as possible in my role. You only get one chance to submit a proposal, so it needs to be your best work, every time.”

Working as a Proposal Engineer you need to be good at communication and Sanjeev believes this is one of his strong points. “As well as good communication skills I am able to develop a rapport with our clients by identifying similar interests, hobbies and previous site work performed”, say’s Sanjeev.

“I work closely with the proposals team, engineering principals and leads to make sure we submit our best proposal to the client. I regularly speak to clients over the phone and face to face to build a professional relationship, retrieve key needs and achieve the expected value drivers required for their tenders.”

“I love working on my car, from the engine to the paint. I try and get the most out of it while making it reliable.”

Originally from Malaysia, Sanjeev came from a business background, including working in the brand and marketing team for Red Bull. But it was while he was studying Actuarial Science that he decided to become an Engineer.

“I couldn’t help thinking there was something better out there for me. My parents suggested mechanical engineering which I pursued and finished with honours. At this stage, you could say I try to bring both technical and social perspectives into my work life.”

Outside of work Sanjeev has just got engaged. Congratulations Sanjeev! He also likes to participate in rally racing, going to the gun range, gaming, volleyball, and hiking.

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