Gojko Muselin has been working at Engenium since he graduated from university as a Structural Engineer three years ago. In his role Gojko gets to tackle and solve structural engineering problems for our clients within a supportive group of engineers and designers, all with varying levels of experience.

“I am currently involved in a variety of projects ranging from crane slabs, grizzly beams, car dumper positioner rails and festoons, mobile CCTV pole foundations and more.”

“Engenium was and still is my first job out of university. Three years have flown by, and I am very thankful for learning so much here.”

Gojko is a self-confessed ‘geek’ and loves gaming. “Whenever I get a chance to do some SPACE GASS modelling I see it less as work and more like playing a game. Over the years I have become proficient at it and I genuinely enjoy it.”

As well as being a bit of a gamer, outside of work Gojko enjoys playing soccer, holidaying whenever possible, relaxing with a good movie and time with family and friends. But Gojko’s guilty pleasure is stand-up comedy. “Laughter is the best medicine and what better than some good old fashioned stand-up comedy? I try to go in person whenever possible, but if not, the internet’s catalogue keeps expanding.”

“I always loved building things and solving problems, so doing what I love and getting paid for it sounded pretty good to me”.

When asked about who inspires him, Gojko is quick to mention his parents who he believes are both hardworking and compassionate people. “They didn’t just create me, they made sure my values were in the right place too.”

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